Samadhi Group (the “Group”) conducts its business centered on human development, to support individuals, educational institutions, and companies, and is deeply involved in society. Based on our understanding that our business activities are founded on trust with related parties (customers, clients, shareholders, and employees), and for our proper and safe handling of all the personal information we may receive, we have put this Privacy Policy in place as a code of conduct to be complied with by all our officers and employees, etc., and ensure we have all of our officers and employees etc. to comply therewith.

  • 1.In relation to the personal information handled by all businesses, the Group will comply with laws, national guidance, and other rules on the handling of personal information.
  • 2.The Group will specify the purpose of using [personal information] to the extent that is required for the performance of the business, and obtain, use, and provide appropriate personal information. We will use obtained personal information for the specified purpose of use only, and take necessary measures to prevent any use for purposes other than such original purpose.
  • 3.In the case of the outsourcing of all or part of our management of personal information, the Group will select a party that satisfies a sufficient protection level, and take appropriate measures such as by entering into a contract.
  • 4.The Group will take reasonable safety measures to prevent any leak, loss, or damage of personal information, and in the event of any problem, take measures for prompt correction (improvement).
  • 5.The Group will respond in an appropriate and prompt manner to complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, and to a request from a relevant person for a notice of purpose for using personal information, disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of the information, suspension of use, erasure, or suspension of provision to a third party.
  • 6.We will review and improve the personal information protection management system on an ongoing basis.

■ Samadhi Group (Group companies to which this Privacy Policy shall apply)
Human Design Inc.
Admissions Office Inc.

Has acquired a privacy mark: JIS Q 15001 (No. 17002735(01)).

Established on April 1, 2015
Revised on April 1, 2023
Corporation on Behalf of Samadhi Group
CEO Hideki Aikawa

【For inquiries regarding personal information】
Person responsible for consultation regarding personal information: Hideko Muto